Where do you lose knitting time and how can you go about carving out more time to do it? In this week’s episode, I talk about the idea of cutting out mindless phone scrolling time to increase your knitting time, and the associated benefits of doing so.


If you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s entirely probably that you’ve still heard about the #titsoutcollective organised by Countess Ablaze. 

This was in response to copying of the ‘If I Want Exposure’ colour way (listen to to story of this in 107) and aimed to turn around the the idea of someone ripping off a charity colour way into something far more positive. Launched on 1st July and masterminded in 13 days, 287 dyers, designers and makers from around the world have taken part. You can find all of the, in the Titty Fade Gallery.

Also, if you enjoyed meeting The Countess in 107 and 95, you should know she’s started and new vlog over on YouTube.

UK Yarn Events in July

Tickets for the annual Great London Yarn Crawl are now available. This is taking place on 1st September 2018 in various shops around London and is organised by the lovely ladies over at Yarn in the City.

Another favourite of the show is Jess of Ginger Twist Studio, who is bringing the Indie Burgh Craft Crawl to you all on 27th and 28th July 2018, 1000-1700. Expanded to include wider craft emporia, with an after-party on Saturday at Akva, it’s definitely one to get into you diary, especially given the glorious weather we’re having in the UK this July!

Fibre East is back in Bedford on 28th and 29th July 2018.

Want to Start a Podcast?

If you want to start a knitting podcast, I’m going to be sharing some of my secrets from six years of producing the show. I’m feeling the itch to get more women’s voices out there, speaking about whatever it is that is important to them – including knitting, of course. More news coming on this.

Shinybees Vlog/Video

I’m going to be sharing some of my upcoming travels along with other things like tutorials on my YouTube channel. Don’t worry I’m not ditching audio whatsoever, this is simply in addition to what I already do here. You can subscribe to my channel here.

Phone Down, Knitting Up

The main chat in the show this week centres around the idea of ending mindless scrolling of social channels on your phone to indulge in more of what you enjoy: in my case, knitting.

Do you often catch yourself saying, ‘I’m such a slow knitter?’ I used to, and when I examined whether I was actually slow or not, I made the surprising discovery that my internal and external chat was completely wrong. What was actually the case, was that I spent too little time knitting.

Even if you speed up your knitting by an extra ten or twenty stitches a minute, you’ll still get more done if you knit for one extra minute at your original speed, provided that is more than the amount of stitches you can do in a minute.

eg 60 stitches a minute sped up by 10 = 70 stitches a minute. 60 stitches a minute done for an extra minute = 120 stitches.

Therefore, given that we all have the same 24 hours in a day to spend, how can we get back some time that we are potentially wasting? Every extra minute saved means more stitches, and winter is coming, friends, so it’s time to get those needles clicking. Autumn fashion isn’t going to knit itself, after all.

Gratuitous Knitty Porn AKA Paul Rudd Knitting

Having identified that mindless phone scrolling was a terrible habit (thanks to the Moment app), I’ve decided to try and consciously pick up my knitting when bored or when I have a few extra minutes here or there during the day. Whilst I would say that I don’t have time to be bored (and this is true) I have found myself absentmindedly picking up the phone and scrolling out of habit, rather than for a purpose. To be clear, I’m not talking about all phone usage being bad here – it’s a great tool for looking things up, speaking to friends and looking after clients and business. I’m purely talking about those times where you wake up, face down and drooling, half an hour later, when you were just checking the weather.

I’m curious to hear – is this something you’ve found yourself falling victim to lately? Let me know! I want to hear your point of view and any ways you have found to try and combat the scroll.

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