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Dublin is the destination for this week’s show, specifically Woollinn, Dublin’s Festival of Yarn. It’s a new show format, where you can join me and (lots of) friends live-ish from Woollinn in Dublin. The festival took place at the end of May and you can join us there now.

There were lots of great vendors and big name teachers attending on this inaugural festival. Standby for an influx of notable mentions and links to all the yarn goodness, just in case you couldn’t make it in person.

This episode was a definite departure from the norm, as I went and freestyled a little with some new recording kit I had. It has been lightly edited and in some places didn’t quite pick up all the sound, but overall it was pretty good for a first try!

The Countess (Understated As Usual)

The Vendors

There were a plethora of cracking vendors at this event, and sadly I couldn’t get through them all whilst recording, but you can find a full list here, if you wish to virtually peruse.

Our first stop as always was at Countess Ablaze, who was doing her first ever show at Woollinn, after the organisers caught her full of gin, with her guard down, and she agreed to exhibit. She brought a metric fktonne of yarn over from Manchester, including her new base, Blue Blooded Fingering, a Gotland and BFL blend.

Petra Undercover Otter and Sir Michael Flatlay

The Countess was aided and abetted during the weekend by Jane of Yarnison and Petra and Marnix of Undercover Otter. You’ll hear from them later in the episode and you met Jane in Episode 110.

Other mentions included Carol Feller and her Tabouli cardigan. Babbles Yarns, Easyknits, Watercolours and Lace and Truly Hooked followed in this aisle, along with Das Mondschaf, who has some awesome neon speckles and pretty solids.

Then we bumped into the ever fun Woolly Wormhead, who delivered several workshops over the weekend and told us all about her upcoming blog series, Kitchener Diaries.

After being ambushed by friend of the show Allison Thistlewood of Yarn in The City, we went and had a lovely chat with Julie of Tilly Flop Designs. I absolutely love her cards and always stock up on them whenever I see her at a show or I see them in a yarn shop. They’re awesome. I also have a framed ‘I’d Rather Be Knitting‘ tea towel I received as a gift in my office/yarn vault. As if anyone would clean actual dishes with that?

Bilum Yarns Gradients

More Yarn at Woollinn

Yes, there was more! Next up on the notable mentions was one of my faves, Travelknitter. Sadly, because her yarn is so beautiful, I couldn’t get near her stall to speak to her, but you can meet her in this interview. Tanami 4ply is the base I would recommend from her, and all her colours are extremely saturated and luxurious jewel tones. A breath of fresh air from all the speckles. *ducks*

Travelknitter Yarns

Next up we had GamerCrafting. I’ve seen Angie’s yarn on Insta before and I am a bit of a geek, so I enjoyed getting to squish the yarn in person. She’s a lot of fun and I enjoyed chatting to her over the weekend. She had an amazing set of coveralls emblazoned with various patches, including this gin one, and rather spectacular jewelled steampunk goggles. My favourite of her yearn was the Reverse Rainicorn with the sparkles. LOVE.

Gamercrafting’s Gin Patch

Bilum’s Beautiful Gradient Yarns

My favourite vendor of the weekend was Zsofi of Bilum Yarns, a dyer based in Budapest in Hungary. Although this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her work (she’s exhibited at Edinburgh Yarn Fest before), there was something about the way it was displayed here that had me going cross-eyed at the awesome and the colour.

I was quickly introduced to Zsofi and Agnes by Kate Heppell of Knit Now, who was sporting the most amazing hair dye.

Starry Stitch Markers!

Woollinn Notable Mentions

Other notable mentions go to Emerald Fibres, who was a pick of the weekend for Gemma of The Little Grey Girl (listen to her interview here). I really liked these bags as they are a lot more interesting and individual that your boring Field Bags.

Another really interesting vendor with some great products (and a lot of fun) was An Caitin Beag. I loved the starry stitch markers (and I am not a fancy stitch marker girl, I am definitely a Clover unlockable kind of girl) and the knit themed jewellery was very cool, including the Bee themed stitch marker bracelet.

Rainbow Relay Kits!

I ran into (and bantered) my dear pal, the ever delightful Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade (her episode is here) who was not only buying armfuls of yarn, but also told us about The Shawl Society III which has just been released. It’s a shawl pattern club that runs for six months and this year is based on The Secret Garden. As shawls are great for summer knits and long lazy days, I’d highly recommend checking it out. I’ve knit several of Helen’s patterns and they are super easy and satisfying.

If you want the kits, they’re now gone from A Yarn Story, but you can check out Helen’s very own colour way – Curious Handmade – by La Bien Aimee.

Other mentions included Hand Dyed Berlin, Olann, Dye Ninja.

Finally – we had a quick chat with Emma at Yarnistry about her new products and her pride and joy – the Beaver!


That’s all the links! There were more vendors I didn’t get to during the recording and I would recommend you have a saunter past and see what they have on offer too.

Want to continue the conversation? Come over to the podcast community on Facebook and chat with us there!

Sir Michael Flatlay sporting a Boomtown Beanie (pattern by Yarnison)


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