South Africa

Episode 5: Poppy Pickers

Image Details: ‘Poppy’ by Mark Bridge, via Flickr. Listen here Welcome Hello and welcome to Episode 5 of the Shinybees podcast. This week, we have a run-down of recent happenings, a re-attack on the C word from Episode 3, we chat about F.E.A.R, Wippin’ Piccadilly is back as well as a trip to Stellenbosch and…

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Justus’ Malva Pudding Recipe

Image Details: ‘Malva Pudding’ by Jon Mountjoy, via Flickr. Here is the recipe from Episode 4 of the Podcast, where I was joined by Justus to make the South African staple that is Malva Pudding. This is definitely not a diet pudding. Calorie content is unknown, but I suspect it would be red across the…

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