Jo Milmine

Episode 92: Midwinter Yarns – An Interview with Estelle Faust

Listen Here Intro I am delighted to welcome Estelle this week. I always enjoy the Midwinter Yarns stalls and particularly their banter so I was thrilled when she agreed to be interviewed on the show…twice. For those who are not familiar with them they are into traditional, robust yarn but with a modern style –…

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Episode 91: Is that it?

Listen Here Intro I’ve had lots of happy messages this week, which is nice. First off, LJ is alive, arse and all, and managed to run the whole ruddy thing. Amongst my other lovely messages was one that particularly made me smile. It was from Lisa and made me realise that we need to relax…

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Episode 36: The One With The Circus Music and a Trip to New Lanark Mill

We’re back with a slightly belated episode with lots of comedy circus fun for you to enjoy. Expect a good ab workout to occur during this high-comedy show. Grab your knitting and a tissue to wipe away the tears of laughter! Listen here PodRetreat 2015 Story time this week where there is a roundup of…

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