A Crafty Absence

ornament 3

Image Details: ‘ornament 3’ by Nesster, via Flickr.

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last blogged. I have several blog entry drafts that are almost completed, but haven’t quite made it to the finished pile yet. A bit like all my Christmas knitting. Oops. In order to break the block, I’ve written a little round up of what’s been going on for the last few weeks. Admittedly, I may have got more done if I wasn’t so busy making merry, but that’s the whole point of Christmas, isn’t it? I am now going to have to knit my fingers to the bone to get all the projects finished before I go back to SA in January. And there is still a crate of Prosecco with my name on it in the shed….

So, I went back to the UK at the end of December, after incurring a R1000 fine for visa violation. Not my fault, I hasten to add!


Image Details: ‘Visa’ by Marcus Povey, via Flickr.

I met the lovely ladies from the Pretoria East knitting group. Knitters are lovely people, and South Africans are lovely people, but South African knitters are completely awesome.

knitted heart

Image Details: ‘knitted heart’ by mararie, via Flickr.

I went to see Shed Seven. Rick Witter is still amazing.

rick witter

Image Details: ‘rick witter’ by nyaa_birdies_perch, via Flickr.

I went to visit the ladies from another knitting group that I set up. You can read about them here. They haven’t been doing much knitting since I left. They have been busy with new babies and one is about to have a baby.

knitted cake

Image Details: ‘knitted cake’ by freeform by prudence, via Flickr.

We had the Babybee’s Christening.

Christening gown and bonnet

Image Details: ‘Christening gown and bonnet’ by rhondda.p, via Flickr.

Oh, and we bought a house! It has a very large cellar. That means there will be a room for Mr Shinybees’ skunkworks, one for my craft room and another for the office, all in an underground lair. I am so getting a bat phone.


Image Details: ‘House-on-the-hill’ by light_arted, via Flickr

So there you have it, a rundown of the last 4 weeks or so. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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  1. So glad you’ve had a Christmas full of good tidings! And congratulations on the home purchase. Your underground lair sounds enviable! I hope you’ll share pictures when you get settled in.

    1. Shinybees says:

      Thank you! I have the batcave all planned in my head, we won’t be moving in for a while though as we still have another couple of years to do in South Africa first, so we will be letting the house out. This does give me plentry of time to plan everything on Pinterest though! Happy New Year!

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