Beyond Merino and Blue Faced Leicester: Top Alternative Breed Choices and Blends in Hand Dyed Yarns

I did a little blogging for Wovember. If you’re interested in trying hand dyed yarns from more unusual breeds, there are a few here to start you off!

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From Ewe to Yarn: Short back and sides.

Image details: ‘Warning Sheep!’, by pearsongraphics, via Flickr Sheep shearing and wool production has been an important part of the UK’s sheep industry for the past 6000 years. Sheep are usually sheared at the beginning of the summer months, as they no longer naturally moult, to prevent them overheating in the warm weather. For many…

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The first rule of Knit Club is….

Image details – knitted cake by freeformbyprudence, via Flickr Don’t talk about Knit Club! I think I might get this made up into a slogan t-shirt, along with ‘Knitting is not just for Nanas’ or some other suitably informative knitting-related cliches. There is a clandestine ‘stitch and bitch’ going on in the Chateau Shinybees¬† locality,…

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