Ep129 – Knitting Trends for 2019

Five Knitting Trends for 2019

What will be the five big trends for knitting in 2019?

In this episode I share what I think will be the five top trends for the hand knitting world in 2019.

Based on what has gone prior and general observation of content and social media, I have picked out the following as things to watch.

1) Intarsia

We’ve seen brioche come and get overcooked. Twenty-eighteen was definitely the year of the colour work yoked sweater. Intarsia is the next logical step in this progression for me. As certain techniques get more popular and more patterns become available, what was once seen as a ‘tricky’ technique, starts to feel more achievable. The more mainstream that designs using these techniques become, the more people try them and it becomes a feedback loop.

The yoked sweater trend has been paralleled on the High Street in the UK, along with a lot of intarsia designs, which haven’t (as yet) been seen as widely in hand knitting indie patterns. I think that will change in 2019.

Bonus: Beads will be big in 2020/1 I reckon.

2) More Commercial Yarns

People will be combining hand dyed with more off-the-shelf, mass produced yarns in classic palettes and colours to tone down the speckled yarn crazy. The popularity of wildly patterned yarns for the past 12-24 months has left a lot of people with yarns that are hard to use or match up with each other. Couple this with economic uncertainty over the political situation and reports of reduced consumer spending running up to Christmas, I believe knitters will turn to more affordable (if less exciting) mass produced yarns.

Holiday knitting stash

3) More Emphasis on Knitting What You Have

To be clear, I’m not talking about stashing down or cold sheeping necessarily (they get done and abandoned every year). Rather, it’s a growing awareness of impact and sustainability in general. The mainstream media has had a lot of coverage in 2018 regarding single use plastics, sustainability and environmental impact. Lots of people are actively seeking to reduce the waste they produce, via reusable products, making do and mending and minimising food waste. This will expand to knitting and encourage people to use what they have over wanton procurement.

4) Purchasing One-Offs

The buying will continue at a lower rate than previously. Personally, I think consumers will focus more on the luxury, one-off and single farm type yarns that are special, over mass buying of run-of-the-mill yarns. Those who have focused on building a strong brand will be the winners in 2019. This will be especially so for those who have focused on the sustainability angle previously.

5) The Death of the Shawl

I think the one skein shawl dying a death for a long time, since its height of popularity in the first half of the decade. Firstly, there are too many patterns. Secondly, people have just knitted too many of them. Additionally, looking at the top name designers, very few, if any, are producing single skein shawl patterns. There is a definite shift towards garments and bigger shawls that use 2, 3 or many skeins in one design.

You only need to look at the popularity of the fade designs, multitude of brioche patterns and marled knitting to see people are embracing using multiple skeins in designs and their choice of knitting patterns. This means there will be less demand for the one skein shawl.

What are your predictions for 2019?

What are your predictions for 2019? I’d love to know!