Episode 99: When Pokemon Go and Yarn Collide

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First and foremost I need you all to know that I have penned my letter to last episode’s feckless judge. I shall let you know what his response is, should he dare to make one. The big news this week is that I am selling my moneypit aka my house. Anyone for a big Victorian number in Wigan? Mates rates (not really). This does however mean that I am mega busy cleaning and planting stuff and de-cluttering, of course, so do look out for me freeing some of my skeins in a sale in the not too distant future. In my busyness I did make time to pop on a narrowboat and it got me thinking again about planning a knitting trip on a narrowboat, let me know if you fancy it, once I’ve got numbers I’ll order the buffet and we’re off. I’ve looked into this, priced it up and all, it could be a reality quite easily. Just think about the crazy that could ensure from 12 knitters on a boat.

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