Guest Blog Post: Building the Cosmac ELF


Image Details: ‘darelfii’ by airship, via Flickr

Given the overwhelming success of the Unnycount, Mr Shinybees has been busy beavering away in the Shinybees skunkworks on a new project that I am struggling to even vaguely connect with knitting. I am reliably informed that the electronic connections utilise a process known as wire wrapping, which I guess provides a somewhat tenuous link to my particular creative flavours, so I shall let him off this time and allow him to occupy some valuable blog space to tell you all about his Cosmac Elf.

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Count me in!

counter on a zipper

Image Details: ‘counter on a zipper’ by pinprick, via Flickr

The knitting row counter is a device for keeping tally of how many rows have been completed when hand knitting. It can also be used to track the number of increases and decreases made during a pattern. The first on-needle knitting row counters were seen in the UK the 1920s, when complex patterns for recreational knitting became widely available. Originally manufactured from bakelite and later plastic, this type of counter is still in widespread popular use today (see picture above).
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