Ep 165 – Getting Rid of Moths in Knitwear

Moths in Knitwear Moths in knitwear is every knitter’s worst nightmare. In this episode, I cover some of the telltale signs of moths, and how to get rid of them. Types of moths in the UK There are only two types of moths in the UK that eat clothes. The Case Bearing Clothes Moth has…

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Episode 24: Choosing Yarn for Socks with Clare Devine

Image used with permission of Clare Devine. Hello and welcome to Episode 24 of the podcast. This week we will be mostly learning a lot about how to choose yarn for socks with Clare Devine. Listen here

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The first rule of Knit Club is….

Image details – knitted cake by freeformbyprudence, via Flickr Don’t talk about Knit Club! I think I might get this made up into a slogan t-shirt, along with ‘Knitting is not just for Nanas’ or some other suitably informative knitting-related cliches. There is a clandestine ‘stitch and bitch’ going on in the Chateau Shinybees¬† locality,…

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