The first rule of Knit Club is….

knitted cake

Image details – knitted cake by freeformbyprudence, via Flickr

Don’t talk about Knit Club!

I think I might get this made up into a slogan t-shirt, along with ‘Knitting is not just for Nanas’ or some other suitably informative knitting-related cliches. There is a clandestine ‘stitch and bitch’ going on in the Chateau Shinybees¬† locality, however its members (other than my good self, of course) and its precise location remain shrouded in mystery. I’m an ‘out and proud’ knitter and would quite happily be seen in public, brandishing a pair of knitting irons with gay abandon, my latest work in progress hanging from the needles. Alas, however, the other stitchettes are definitely not out of the knitting closet yet, and prefer to secretly beaver away at their latest project far, far away from prying eyes.
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It’s the way of the world, Shiner…

(McCulloch, 2008).

Hello and welcome to the Shinybees blog!

This is where you will hear about the latest goings-on in Shinybees world: mostly crafty things of all persuasions (owing to a criminally short attention span) but also things of the random persuasion and the occasional things of the ranty persuasion.¬† There will definitely be a liberal sprinkling of glitter and sequins (there can never be too much glitter or too many sequins in daily life in my opinion, the tackier the better, quite frankly) and a healthy dose of good humour. I will be sharing my latest finds, favourite purveyors of handmade stuff, crafty book reviews, current makes and ‘works in progress’ and hopefully some tutorials in the future.

I’d really like to hear from you: feedback, ideas, new things to occupy the Bee, recommendations are all very welcome! Enjoy!