Craft Philosophy

Day 4: A knitter for all seasons?

My cunning plan comes together

Image Details: ‘My cunning plan comes together’ by wifebot, via Flickr.

This is an excellent and timely topic to be writing about today, one with which I feel inspired to make a triumphant return to my usual witty repartee. That is because I am British, and therefore obsessed with the weather. I didn’t realise that it is indeed the first thing we always talk about and that we are all indeed just like all the comedy sketches make out. And do you know what? I am so down with that.

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Wippin’ Piccadilly

Map of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway System, Manchester Victoria Station

Image Details: ‘Map of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway System, Manchester Victoria Station’, by mrrobertwade (wadey), via Flickr.

“Once upon a time, not too long go, we took a day out in Manchester,

We all fall down, there’s not enough hours in our day.”

On 13 April, 1998, Gomez’s ‘Bring it On’ was released. ‘Whippin’ Piccadilly’ was a single from this Mercury Music Prize winning album of the same year. This song, for some unknown reason, comes into my head whenever I think about my ever expanding pile of WIPs; I do in fact also own the album, however it is not normally music to knit to. It does remind me of those halcyon college days, drinking pernod and black at the indie night at Wigan Pier, being young enough to not get a hangover and too young to remember pernod and black actually being in fashion.

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You can take our acrylic…

But you’ll never take our freeeeeeeedddddoooommm!

brave heart

Image Details: ‘brave heart’ by lcampos37, via Flickr.

It all started with a little TV appearance on BBC Breakfast by Lauren, aka Deadly Knitshade of Stitch London fame, who appeared at a fairly ungodly hour to chat about knitting. She cracked on with a rather bright scarf, maintaining a cheery demeanour – no mean feat at that time in a morning, I’m sure – and giving her opinion on knitting. Clearly, though, some people thought she wasn’t taking all this knitting lark seriously enough. Heaven forbid she rocks up on TV with blue hair and knits something out of acrylic. You would think she had turned up on TV and garotted a baby dove with her circulars (rather than be accompanied by an entirely intact and unharmed Cooey the knitted pigeon) the way some folk were going on.

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Damask of Doom: A knitter’s curse?

Lil' devil hat

Image Details: ‘Lil’ devil hat’ by thomasina, via Flickr.

Do you ever get that feeling, when you start a project, that you are a bit doomed to failure? Like there is some celestial force which just does not want you to finish it. Bad joo joo if you will? That the craft karma fairy is punishing you for all those unfulfilled skeins in your stash, those hibernating projects, those Christmas mitts that aren’t getting done? No? Just me then…

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Project paralysis

Tied to a Chair

Image Details: ‘Tied to a Chair’ by Hanna-, via Flickr.

Twitter keeps happily reminding me how many days/hours it is until Christmas. As I have mentioned countless times on here, I love Christmas. Nothing pleases me more than rebelliously putting the Christmas tree up in the last couple of days of November. Any excuse to adorn the house with tinsel and yet more fairy lights is a good one, in my book. Unfortunately, all this talk of festive cheer and my very exciting but imminent return to the UK for a Costa minty hot chocolate and a decent curry is getting a bit stressful. How so? I hear you cry. Well, because I am suffering from another craft-related phenomena. One I shall call ‘Project Paralysis’.

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Knitting Perfectionists Anonymous

The t-shirt

Image Details: The T-shirt, by pladys, via Flickr

CAVEAT: Not my T-Shirt/assets!

Ok, so it doesn’t quite have the same ring as Alcoholics Anonymous, but I think there are other people out there (yes, you, I’m talking to you, don’t look at the floor feeling a bit uncomfortable, you know who you are) who are tormented by this most terrible affliction: Knitting Perfectionism. I have had my own battles with this crippling condition recently and, rather pleasingly, I made a breakthrough with it last night – more on that later.

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