Plan Your 2017 Strategy Workshop


You need a plan for your next year in business. You’ve got plenty of big ideas, dreams and schemes but they’re stuck in your head right now. You know they can be wildly successful if you could just figure out all the logistics. You’ve written in all down in a million brain dumps into your favourite notebook, but the actual plan page is looking disappointingly bare.

I’ve orchestrated project plans and strategies for dozens of business owners, consulted for government organisations and delivered highly successful projects in the third sector. Making solid, achievable and tailored plans is what I do for fun.

That blank page doesn’t frighten me. Whether you’re looking to launch your first business, capitalise and move forward on a great year in business, expand and grow or just make sense of where you’d like to travel next, I’m here to help.

You already have all the answers inside you. I’m here to help you pull them out and put them into order, so you can make them happen and achieve your business ambitions.

I can help you make an achievable, actionable plan so you can reach your business goals with clarity, confidence and a lower stress approach.

You’ve a lot to juggle with running a business.

Imagine how it would feel:

  • to know exactly what you are doing and when.
  • to have your work planned out months in advance, with everything organised, calm and collected.
  • to have emails going out on time to suppliers, collaborators and media, giving a professional and polished appearance.
  • to know you are working towards your realistic and achievable goals efficiently with minimal stress.
  • to have total clarity about what you’re doing: when, why and with whom.
  • to finally kick the feeling of panic and rush as you try in vain to cram everything in at the last minute. All. The. Time.

With the right plan, all this is achievable. And I’m here to work with you to build the right plan.

What’s involved?

The Plan Your 2017 Strategy Workshop is a 1-1 planning session with me to get your 2017 mapped out and ready for conquering. Put on your sweatband and grab that water bottle, because this will be an intensive experience.

The Plan Your 2017 Strategy Workshop is £250 ($315 ish dollars depending on exchange rate).

You’ll get:

  • Kick-off workbook and questionnaire to prepare all the necessary information and get you ready to attack your plan.
  • 1 x 90 minute video session with me, where we’ll unpack your business. We’ll discuss your goals for the year and repack them with a bespoke, tailored strategy and timeline for you to achieve them.
  • Recording of the call, so you can refer back to it at any point during the year.
  • Unlimited email support for one week following the workshop, where you can ask questions, run ideas by me and get all the help you need to really solidify your strategy.

A structured, actionable plan to take you into 2017. Sound good?

How do I get started?

Fill in the contact form below and we’ll schedule our workshop.