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The South African Chronicles

Episode 0: The Pilot
Episode 1: Send in the Hogs
Episode 2: Stop! Bunny Time
Episode 3: The C Word
Episode 4: Close Encounters
Episode 5: Poppy Pickers
Episode 6: Modown
Episode 7: Catch Up
Episode 8: Snake Eyes
Episode 9: The Enemy Within
Episode 10: Travelling Light

The UK Chapter

Episode 11: All Change
Episode 12: Out and About at Yarndale
Episode 13: The Cat in the Hat
Episode 14: On the Road to the North
Episode 15: Swans, Clowns and Unicorns
Episode 16: Run, Rabbit, Run!
Episode 17: Funky, Funky, Funky, Fresh!
Episode 18:The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem
Episode 19: Octopussy
Episode 20: Pack Up Your Troubles

Episode 21: Pontoon!
Episode 22: Red Alert!
Episode 23: Knit Your Own Halloween
Episode 24: Choosing Yarn for Socks with Clare Devine
Episode 25: Choose Your Weapon! How to Choose Needles for Sock Knitting
Episode 26: How to Write a Knitting Book Whilst Homeschooling 3 Children with Sally Cameron
Episode 27: Toe Up or Cuff Down Socks and a Review of WTF Knits
Episode 28: Hogmanay and a Review of Yokes by Kate Davies
Episode 29: A Year of Enabling and How to Make Your Socks Fit
Episode 30: Enablers’ Corner and How to Build an Online Community with Sarah Chy

Episode 31: The Sock Surgery Casts On and How to WIP Down Your Projects
Episode 32: Edinburgh Yarn Festival Scoop and How to be Enabled
Episode 33: How to Fix Your Socks When They Go Wrong and a Review of 23cm Asymmetric Mini Circulars for Socks
Episode 34: Making it as a Knitwear Designer – An Interview With Kate Davies
Episode 35: Cast Offs For Socks
Episode 36: The One With The Circus Music and a Trip to New Lanark Mill
Episode 37: Wardrobe Malfunction – What To Do When Your Knitting Is Not Finished In Time
Episode 38: Science by Day, Socks by Night – An Interview with Louise Tilbrook
Episode 39: Of Socks and Discworld – A Knitty Homage to Sir Terry Pratchett
Episode 40: The Prince of Brioche – An Interview with Stephen West

Episode 41: Baby Bums and Self Stripe
Episode 42: Lete’s Knits – An Interview with Justyna Lorkowska
Episode 43: There’s a Short Row Technique For Everyone
Episode 44: Summer Knitting Yarns
Episode 45: Short Row Variations and Summer Knitting Patterns
Episode 46: Enabling 101
Episode 47: Calamities and Curiosities
Episode 48: Highland Wool Festival
Episode 49: Endless Winter
Episode 50: Strictly No Baby Nudity – An Interview With Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits and Rainbow Heirloom

Episode 51: Still Got It
Episode 52: How to Store Your FOs
Episode 53: Knitting Socks in Summer
Episode 54: Yarn In The City: An Interview with Allison Thistlewood and Rachel Brown
Episode 55: Vintage Shetland Project – An Interview with Susan Crawford
Episode 56: Boardwalk – An Interview with Linda Lencovic of Kettle Yarn Co
Episode 57: Make It Fit – An Interview with Amy Herzog
Episode 58: Cast On! An Interview with Brenda Dayne
Episode 59: Self-Stripe Madness – An Interview with Michelle Berry of Berry Colourful Yarnings


2 comments on “Shownotes

  1. Karen Parker says:

    Hi Jo,
    Just found your podcast and it’s delightful! Thank you for taking the time to share with eveyone. Karen – Savannah, Georgia USA

    1. Jo Milmine says:

      Thanks so much, Karen!

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