Happy Hour



Are you feeling a bit stuck?

Do you have lots of thoughts and ideas about what you could do, but you’re struggling to make sense of it all?

Wish you had a sounding board to bounce ideas off?

I’ve created Happy Hour for you.

No more faffing around and endless Googling for you to find the right information, or agonising over what your next step will be with your business. Team up with me for 60 golden minutes and we’ll get you well on your way.

But what can we get done in an hour, Jo?

A lot, if you’re with me. I don’t like to muck about. Here’s some examples of things we can achieve together in an hour:

  • Review your content and make an achievable plan to get you in front of your ideal customers. And I mean achievable – you won’t need to spend every waking minute on Facebook or blog 50 times a week. We’ll create a plan that aligns with your core message, nurtures your relationship with your customers and contains the type of content you actually *want* to create.
  • Overhaul your lead generation. Want to do more email marketing but don’t know where to start? No idea what a lead magnet is or how to create one that works for your ideal prospect? Too scared to email in case they (sharp intake of breath) unsubscribe?  We can make a plan to tackle this.
  • Quick fire problem solving. Got a load of niggly stuff that you just don’t know where to start with? An idea about a project but your head is so full of All The Things that you can’t actually get this thing out there? Want to know how to manage customer relationships or increase repeat buyers? We can sweep the decks and get you moving forward.
  • Marketing without feeling greasy. Does the word marketing make you feel a bit double glazing pimp? Are you so put off by this that you subconsciously avoid sharing your message with the world? It doesn’t have to be that way!
  • Strategy. Do you need a plan? That’s my favourite thing to make. Whether you’re just starting out and want to get the down-low on pitfalls to avoid or an established business looking to make the next step, I can provide you with a framework to get it done efficiently and with clarity.

How does it work?

Fill in the contact form below and we can get started. I’ll send you an email so I can get some background information about you, your business and what you’re struggling with.

What’s included?

  • Prep questionnaire – where I’ll gather all the necessary information prior to the session.
  • 60 min, 1-1 Skype call, where we’ll work together on your problem to get you unstuck and moving forward with a plan of action. These sessions can be fast paced and always contain lots of useful nuggets of information, so you’ll receive a video recording for you to review at any time afterwards.
  • One week of follow-up email support in case of further questions, following the session.

All this goodness is priced at £195.