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Hi! I’m Jo Milmine.

I work with people who love running their creative business and desperately want to take the next steps to grow it, but can’t figure out how to carve out enough time in their busy day to do so, or simply don’t know where to start.

I give them the tools to deal with growth strategy and planning, whilst getting more of the day to day work that keeps their business running done. I help them to bring more organisation and structure into their lives to kiss goodbye to that feeling of overwhelm, once and for all. I show them how to turn ideas into action, because nothing can happen without action.

I’ve got over ten years of management experience where I’ve consistently exceeded performance targets in diverse sectors including defence and charity/third sector.

I’ve successfully managed multi-million pound assets in incredibly pressured, safety-critical environments. I’m used to delivering in life-or-death situations with minimal fuss.

I’ve built my own creative business – The Golden Skein – which has been featured in industry press such as The Knitter. I don’t just talk about running a creative business; I live it.

In August 2012, I became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a podcast for those who like their knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures.

When I’m not enabling knitters and crocheters to the finest hand dyed yarns the world has to offer, or making the lives of overstretched business owners more manageable, I can be found walking my two Shelties (Womble and Bowser) on a windswept Scottish beach with my two kiddies and husband, recording my weekly knitting podcast and doing a little bit of knitting myself. On really good days, I get to knit in the pub, with a real ale or a nice gin. Very occasionally, I’m a pantomime cat.

Need to know more? Here’s five things you probably don’t know about me…

  1. The name ‘Shinybees’ comes from my Scottish Granny. It was one of her nicknames for me as a child.
  2. I could fly a plane before I could drive a car.
  3. I’ve a weakness for South African merino and a well-documented love affair with self striping yarns.
  4. I always wanted to be on the Crystal Maze Christmas kids edition. Sadly, I never got to wear one of those funky shell suits, but I’m all over applying as an adult when they do the reboot.
  5. One day, I’m going to dye a range of yarns inspired by my favourite film: Zoolander.

Ready to ditch overwhelm and take your business to the next level?

Let’s chat! Send me an emailand tell me what you’re struggling with right now.

13 comments on “About

  1. Kay Bingham says:

    Awesome, looking forward to many many more posts, maybe I should come visit and take your portrait while you craft, I promise to bring cake ;o)

    1. Shinybees says:

      Absolutely… What I haven’t told you yet is that there is a Slinkay blog post planned over the next few weeks – i’d LOVE to have one of your photos on here. Looking forward to the cake and more knit-chat!

  2. Sew Smug says:

    Knitting rows and rows of ‘scarf’ (which I never really moved past to be honest), supergran, card games and rice pudding! I was there, that’s my youth on a saturday afternoon covered!

  3. I discovered your podcast this week after it was mentioned on iMake. Loved the first 2 episodes and looking forward to more!

    1. Shinybees says:

      Thanks! It should hopefully be roughly every 2 weeks. I am really enjoying it!

  4. Karen says:

    found you from imake. looking forward to your show. best wishes from the USA

    1. Shinybees says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for popping by! Hope you enjoy the podcast, hopefully squeeze another in soon 🙂

  5. Angie says:

    I found your podcast on a long road trip as a way of not going bonkers! My daughter Elizabeth (12) and I adore your lovely accent. I intend to keep listening while I clean yo distract myself from the mundaneness of chores. Crack on!

    1. Shinybees says:

      Hi Angie (and Elizabeth!) – glad I can keep you entertained. Anything that takes the edge off housework must be a good thing!

  6. Adam Gibbons says:


    Thank you for using our music in your podcasts!

    Adam from Adam and the Walter Boys

    1. Shinybees says:

      Hi Adam! Thanks for making such great music. My listeners love it. I was trying to find contact details for you guys after Music Alley closed, but was really struggling. Do you have an email I can contact you on?

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