Month: May 2015

Episode 48: Highland Wool Festival


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This one is a departure from the usual format, as we take a laid back canter around the Highland Wool Festival. Allow me to enable you to some of the region’s best producers as well as some from further afield. Normal segments return next week.

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Episode 47: Calamities and Curiosities

Le cabinet de curiosité de Bonnier de la Mosson

Image Details: ‘Le cabinet de curiosité de Bonnier de la Mosson’ by Dodeckahedron, via Flickr.

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2015 poster (pdf)

The Highland Wool Festival is taking place at Dingwall Mart on 23 May 2015. The exhibitor list is now available.

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Episode 46: Enabling 101

'Aren't You a Little Short for a Storm Trooper?' by Camille Rose, via Flickr.

‘Aren’t You a Little Short for a Storm Trooper?’ by Camille Rose, via Flickr.

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Hello and welcome back for another podcast. I am very glad to see the back of the General Election here in the UK for a number of reasons. My advice is to be a doer. This episode is mostly about enabling. Again.



There will be a trunk show at my beloved Fluph in Dundee on 27th May 2015. This will be with Nic from Yarns From The Plain who will be showcasing her wares between 2-8pm. It’s sure to be a great event, so I am gutted not to be in attendance. For those not able to make Fluph, Nic will also be exhibiting at Fibre East in July.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by your to-knit list? Check out the fun over at the Hotel for the Hopelessly Overcommitted on Ravelry.

Enablers’ Corner

Exciting news on the knitting front with a collaboration with Louise Scollay of KnitBritish (along with some special guests) on Make It Fit 2015. More details to follow on this, but there will be threads open on both the Shinybees and KnitBritish groups. If you’ve got anything you find hard, don’t understand or are too scared to attempt, share it with us. Likewise if you have some ninja top tips for adjusting your knitwear, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s going to be an exercise in enabling you to create knitwear that fits the way you want it to. Neither Ms Scollay or I are experts, we’re merely going on a journey of exploration and investigation of the available resources out there, doing some experiments, gathering data and hopefully leaving you all with some great techniques you can use to make every project fit well.

We have our own dedicated email for Make It Fit 2015. Please contact us with any comments, queries, ideas or requests!

More Summer Knitting Yarns

Following on from episode 44, where we talked about summer knitting yarns, I’ve some recommendations courtesy of lovely listeners to share with you. Iribeiro is a fan of DMC Natura Cotton for summer projects, as well as Yarn Stories on Etsy, who sell very cost effective Lithuanian linen (not to be confused with the Yorkshire Yarn Stories).

Dane Abroad likes Holst Garn Coast, which is a 55% Merino, 45% cotton yarn, available from our friends at Tangled Yarn in 48 colours.

Caity Rosey recommends Claudia Handpainted Yarns. They have a 100% linen sport weight yarn called Drama, along with a lace weight 100% linen, ‘Contemplation’.


Wippin’ Piccadilly

This section would be more aptly named ‘Works in Stasis’ judging by current, somewhat glacial, progress. Only projects knitted on so far are the Aestlight by Gudrun Johnston for the KnitBritish Hapalong, and my Braambos Socks.

What techniques do you have to ensure you make progress on your wips?


That’s all from me this week. As always, thank you for listening. Feedback is always appreciated, and you can email me or message me via Ravelry or social media. If you enjoyed listening today, please consider leaving an iTunes review, to help others find the podcast too. Happy crafting!

Episode 45: Short Row Variations and Summer Knitting Patterns

Blacker Lyonesse Yarn, shown in the colour way 'Lapis'.

Blacker Lyonesse Yarn, shown in the colour way ‘Lapis’.

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This episode is sponsored by Blacker Yarns. Lyonesse is a new 50% linen, 50% wool yarn, available in DK and 4ply weights, specially developed for your summer knitting needs. Perfect for creating cool, breathable garments and lacy shawls, the linen content ensures this yarn retains its block beautifully. To order, visit



The winner of the giveaway from episode 43 is announced. A new giveaway has started over on Ravelry to win a cute Shaun the Sheep knitting kit.

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Go On Retreat With Brenda Dayne at Gwlana


Ever fancied yourself taking a bit of time out of life to relax, knit and spend time in the company of like minded people?

Developed by knitting podcaster and designer Brenda Dayne, the Gwlana retreat takes place in Wales twice a year, with the next retreat happening on the weekend of 15-18th May 2015. There’s another planned for October 2015 too.

Brenda will be teaching a workshop, along with the wonderful Felix Ford of Knitsonik, with her Quotidian Colourwork. Gwlana means wool-gathering in Welsh, which seems a perfect moniker for this retreat, which attracts knitters from across the UK and Ireland as well as further afield.

“Knitting is an international language,” says Brenda Dayne, the voice behind the original knitting podcast Cast On. “We’ve had knitters come from across the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada and even as far as New Zealand to be part of the Gwlana retreats. No matter where someone is from, knitting creates connections that are as strong as knitted fabric itself. We’re really proud of the friendships that have been forged at Gwlana and the community that has grown from the various retreats.”

On the Sunday afternoon of the retreat, knitters will enjoy a pop up marketplace featuring wares from online retailer Purlescence and local Welsh indie dyer Triskelion Yarn, among others. The marketplace will be open to the public and an opportunity for an informal ‘knit and natter’ with the retreat participants. If you can’t make the full retreat, this would be a great way to spend a Sunday on the coast.

If you can’t make either, why not check out the group on Ravelry?

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