Month: June 2012

Getting Your Crafty Ducks in a Row

organized threads

Image Details: ‘organized threads’ by jenni waterloo, via Flickr.

I have an inbuilt hatred of being Too Organised. Despite my military background, which you would think would have forced me into being a bit more regimented after several years of loyal service to Queen and country, I find the whole concept of getting things organised to the nth degree suffocating. That is not to say I am a massively disorganised person, because believe it or not I do have a plan (yes, I can hear the wails of protest from here, but stick with me people – especially you, Sal and Kate!) it’s just in my head. I am one of those people whose husband, a lovely gentleman with an acute case of OCD, despairs at them, because my ‘guff’ – books, knitting, general notes and paperwork – is dotted in little piles around the house instead of being put away Nice and Neatly In Its Place. I defy his pleading cries to tidy up, because in my mind this is tidy. I don’t lose things. Ask me where anything is in my house and I can take you straight to it. Granted, it might not be in the most obvious place to most people, but I know where it is. This, I feel, is more important than having stuff neat but not knowing where you have put it so neatly.

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Olympic Gold

Push on Norman!

Olympic Gold was an awesome game for the Mega Drive, which was released in 1992 to coincide with the Barcelona Olympics. I was a big fan of the 100m sprint, although winning this involved rapidly pushing the A and B buttons to make the little guy on the screen run faster. How Sega have not been slapped with law suits from a whole generation of children who are now afflicted by RSI, I do not know. I still own a Mega Drive, in fact, we have 2: one is my Brother’s old workhorse that has seen many years of play and blowing out of dust from cartridges, and the other is a pristine, still in box version that I bought for my now husband back in the day. Yes, I am afraid we are that retro!

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