Month: March 2012

On the Road: Windhoek, Namibia

Off to see the desert, the wonderful desert of Nam

Image Details: ‘Off to see the desert, the wonderful desert of Nam’ by Paul Watson, via Flickr

As it was my birthday last weekend, we went on a trip to Windhoek in Namibia. I’m not going to lie to you, this was prompted almost entirely by alcohol: our favourite lager here is ‘Windhoek’ and we booked the flights after 2 bottles of wine. Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought ‘did we really book flights to Namibia last night?’ No? Just me then….

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You can take our acrylic…

But you’ll never take our freeeeeeeedddddoooommm!

brave heart

Image Details: ‘brave heart’ by lcampos37, via Flickr.

It all started with a little TV appearance on BBC Breakfast by Lauren, aka Deadly Knitshade of Stitch London fame, who appeared at a fairly ungodly hour to chat about knitting. She cracked on with a rather bright scarf, maintaining a cheery demeanour – no mean feat at that time in a morning, I’m sure – and giving her opinion on knitting. Clearly, though, some people thought she wasn’t taking all this knitting lark seriously enough. Heaven forbid she rocks up on TV with blue hair and knits something out of acrylic. You would think she had turned up on TV and garotted a baby dove with her circulars (rather than be accompanied by an entirely intact and unharmed Cooey the knitted pigeon) the way some folk were going on.

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